Add-On Costs for Amazing Instant Payment

Select the plan that is best for you based upon the number of drivers you need on the system.

AG Instant Payment $90 Per Driver Per Year

  • Use AI to get PAID
$90Driver Per Year

Key HOS4AG Features

We have worked hundreds of hours with professionals in the agriculture industry to include features key to running a successful agriculture commodities carrier fleet.

Track Ag Location

Enter locations of pick-up or drop-off into your ELD/AOBRD log and the system automatically tracks air miles.

Automated HOS

Based upon your air miles, the system automatically makes appropriate log annotations, monitors HOS, or ignores HOS, per the regulation.

Clear Inspection Data

Provides Ag exemption details (not just status) to inspectors to prove exempt status.

Ag Mapping

Draws exempt radius on the map on both the ELD and in the office. Tells you how far from the edge you are at all times.

Fleet Mapping

Watch haulers progress through their route, dispatch them, check idle time in real time, be notified of arrivals by email or text.

Fleet Drivers

Manage route, dispatch, available hours, asset DVIR status, and track maintenance, fueling, and locations from an easy to use web portal.

Internal Audit

Know immediate about CSA point issues, and have the tools to fix them before they occur, or track their resolution before an audit.

FMCSA RODS Integration

If running as an ELD, easily send RODS data to the FMCSA in approved electronic format and track send/receive receipts.


The Geowiz ELD AG version runs on any modern iDevice or Android device and you can download it from the Play store or APP store. Used full time, the Geowiz app will consume about 150-250MB of data a month. Using the AG HOS system you will join a growing network of over 33,000 drivers and a system tracking over 170,000 assets.

Dale J.


"This system is an excellent hours of service tool. We switched from another well known system and have been thrilled with the results.

Beth F.


"When we got audited we were able to provide all the information necessary to have NO hours of service findings!

Bill M.


"Its the little things the system does, showing us the edges of the AG exemptions, the easy 'Start My Day' work flow, that I like the best.

David E.


"It works, is easy to use, and isn't very expensive. I can think of no stronger way to recommend it since we have to have one.

Nancy A.


"We didn't realize how far the air miles extended from our orange grove until we put it into the AG system, which saved us a lot of hassle.

State Agriculture Windows

State Defined Planting PeriodDefined Harvest PeriodNon-Exempt Period
AlabamaYear roundSameN/A
Arizona Year roundSameN/A
ArkansasYear roundSameN/A
CaliforniaJanuary 1 - December 31SameN/A
ColoradoJanuary 1 - December 31SameN/A
ConnecticutNo planting or harvest period definedSameN/A
DelawareNo planting or harvest period definedSameN/A
FloridaNo planting or harvest period definedSameN/A
GeorgiaYear roundSameN/A
IdahoYear RoundSameN/A
IllinoisYear round SameN/A
Indiana January 1 - December 1SameDecember 2 - 31
IowaJanuary 1 - December 31 SameN/A
KansasJanuary 1 - December 31SameN/A
KentuckyJanuary 1 - December 31 SameN/A
LouisianaJanuary 1 - December 31 SameN/A
MaineNot defined. Varies by year and location within state.SameN/A
MarylandYear roundSameN/A
MassachusettsMay 1 - 30 SameJanuary 1 - April 30
June 1 - December 31
MichiganApril 1 - November 30 SameJanuary 1 - February 28
MinnesotaJanuary 1 - December 31SameN/A
Mississippi No planting or harvest period defined SameN/A
Missouri January 1 - December 31SameN/A
MontanaJanuary 1 - December 31SameN/A
NebraskaJanuary 1 - December 31 SameN/A
NevadaNo planting or harvest period definedSameN/A
New HampshireApril 1 - November 1SameJanuary 1 - March 31
November 2 - December 31
New JerseyNo planting or harvest period definedSameN/A
New Mexico Year roundSameN/A
New YorkYear round SameN/A
North CarolinaYear roundSameN/A
North DakotaJanuary 1 - December 31SameN/A
Ohio March 1 - November 30 SameJanuary 1 - February 28
December 1 - 31
OklahomaJanuary 1 - December 31SameN/A
OregonYear roundSameN/A
PennsylvaniaMarch 1 - November 30 SameJanuary 1 - February 28
December 1 - 31
Rhode IslandMarch 15 - October 31 SameJanuary 1 - March 14
November 1 - December 31
South CarolinaYear roundSameN/A
South Dakota March 1 - December 31 SameJanuary 1 - February 28
TennesseeNo planting or harvest period definedSameN/A
TexasJanuary 1 - December 31SameN/A
UtahYear roundSameN/A
VermontApril 1 - December 15SameJanuary 1 - March 31
December 16 - 31
VirginiaJanuary 1 - December 31SameN/A
WashingtonFebruary 1 - December 31 SameJanuary 1 - 31
West VirginiaYear roundSameN/A
WisconsinMarch 15 - December 15SameJanuary 1 - March 14
December 16 - 31
WyomingJanuary 1 - December 31 SameN/A